Max 1 people Category: Certified

    Package 1

    Individual, 5 days

    Day 1:

    Travel agent picks up a client at the airport, explaining the package on the way to Budva. A client tours the center, gets to know the equipment.

    Check dive in the afternoon, 30-45 minutes.

    Day 2:

    First dive: the underwater site the Tunnels near the island of St Nicholas (Sveti Nikola), nicknamed ‘’Hawaii’’ by the locals because of the beauty and the crystal clear waters at the spot. The Tunnels are located at the depth of up to 15 meters and are 15-30 meters long. The space is fairly wide and therefore not claustrophobic – therefore suitable for all categories of divers.

    The second dive – after a two-hour break at the island of St Nicholas (Sveti Nikola), is the Galiola Reef. Galiola is a pyramidal shape reef with two integrated vertical tunnels, located near the southern cape of the island. It starts at the sea surface and goes 25 meters deep under the water. The two vertical tunnels, known by the divers as ‘chimneys,’ enable safe and comfortable dive through. Rich and dynamic marine life at the spot makes every dive a different experience. Licensed divers can dive up to 25 meters. Dive in the chimneys require at least Open Water Diver certificate.

    Day 3

    Shipwreck Oreste

    Near the Jaz beach, remnants of a steamship Oreste lie at the depth of 32 meters. The ship, which sank in 1942 after triggering a mine, was cut in two. The two parts ended up 20 meters from each other. As in other similar cases, different types of fish found their home inside the wreck.

    The dive requires Advanced Open Water Diver or Deep Diver certificate.

    The Sweet Cave

    A 30-minute drive by boat from our center, at Platamuni. A cave got its name because of the mixture of the spring and the sea water.

    The location – heavily accessible and lacking any construction – is know for its wilderness and untouched natural beauty.

    The entrance to the cave starts at the depth of 15 meters. It stretches for about 50 meters inside, all through the ‘gallery.’ The oval ‘gallery’ is about 30 meter high and adorned with a number of stalactites, making it a breathtaking underwater spot.

    At the exit of the cave, the dive continues along the reef, up to 30 meters of depth.

    The location requires at least an Open Water Diver certificate and at least 5 dives recorded in the logbook.

    Day 4

    Bigovica, archeological underwater site from the Antique period

    Bigovica is a small beautiful bay near Bar. In the period that spans over 22 centuries, the bay was used as a merchant shipping port and, at some point, most likely for smuggling as well.

    A number of fragments of amphorae, majolica and glass are scattered around the seabed, dating from from 3rd century BC to 17th century AD.

    The site is located between 5 and 25 meters deep; visibility is excellent.

    Package includes:

    • 4 nights in a hotel or private accommodation
    • Transfer from and to the airport
    • Diving instructor or dive master
    • Diving equipment

    Package 2

    Tailored for clients who want to acquire a diving certificate

    Day 1

    Preparation. Presentation of the center, briefing. Introductory lesson. Free afternoon – tour of the town of Budva recommended.

    Day 2

    Under the guidance of an instructor, a client will get to know the diving equipment.

    First Open Water lesson (in the pool in case of the bad weather). Maximum depth for the first dive is 5 meters.

    Option for the afternoon: swimming and sunbathing at the island of St Nicholas (Sveti Nikola).

    Day 3

    Theory classes, 60 minutes. Preparation for the dive. Two dives in the afternoon, behind the island of St Nicholas (Sveti Nikola).

    Day 4

    Theory classes. Exercise in the water. Briefing with the instructor.

    Day 5

    Theory test. Test dive: 21 meters. Course completed. Free afternoon.

    Day 6

    Transfer to the airport (or any other location).

    Package includes:

    • 5 nights in a hotel (B&B)
    • Transfer from and to the airport
    • Diving instructor
    • Diving equipment
    27 Feb - 27 Feb
    MONTENEGRO TOUR 1 Days - 1 Nights Available
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