Max 6 people Category: Certified, Non-divers

    Designed for all divers and non-divers who wish to explore the hidden underwater beauties of the Slovenian coast.

    Your package includes 4 exclusive diving experiences introducing you to underwater archaeology, photography, bio diversity, shipwrecks and much more. Guided tour in the archaeological park and visit to the Maritime museum Sergej Mašera in Piran will round out the experience, providing a physical and emotional thrill, while giving an insight into the past and the underwater world.

    • 4 x SCUBA DIVES
    • 1 x guided tour and experience in the interpretation centre in Archaeological park Simonov zaliv
    • 1 x visit to the Maritime Museum Sergej Mašera Piran
    • 2 x full accommodation in Hotel Delfin, Izola
    • Tourist Tax

    Package Includes (per person):

    Day 1

    Topic: Biodiversity in the Slovenian sea

    Morning option 1

    DSD dive – Discover scuba diving! A program tailored for non-divers, it allows you to get your first and unforgettable experience in a magnificent underwater world. Available and attractive for all age groups. A minimal required age is 10, allowing families with young children to share the experience together.

    Basics of theoretical knowledge and skills are provided under the supervision of a diving instructor. That’s when you’ll get your first experience of ‘flying’ under the water – you will be surprised how easy it is to breathe down there.

    Morning option 2

    Cape Madona in Piran

    Cape Madona is one of the richest, most diverse and most lively part of the Slovenian sea. Due to its geological structure, it is a safe heaven for an incredible amount of wildlife, including lobster, conger eels, octopus and fish such as sculpin, wrasse, damselfish, gobies and blennies.

    Two different dives on the reef are on offer: from the northern and the southern side and you can choose depending on the weather and the depth. There’s bad weather and wind on the southern side? Choose the north – it’s calm there. And vice versa. The maximum depth on the southern side does not exceed 12 meters; on the northern side, the reef descends from 5 down to 22 meters.


    Topic: Archaeology

    Dive in the Underwater archaeological park Simonov zaliv

    The Archaeological Park includes the underwater archaeological trail for sightseeing – the remains of the Roman harbour explain the position of the pier and the finds.

    Guided tour and experience in the Interpretation center of the Archaeological park Simonov zaliv.

    Day 2

    Topic: Shipwrecks

    Morning option 1

    DSD dive

    Morning option 2

    Dive in the inner part of the Piran bay, exploring the shipwreck and the underwater statue of Madonna.

    Afternoon option 1


    Visit to the Maritime Museum Sergej Mašera of Piran

    Afternoon option 1

    Basics of underwater photography.

    Visit to the Maritime Museum Sergej Mašera of Piran

    Price for divers: 330 €

    Price for non divers: 360 €

    01 Apr - 15 Jun
    SLOVENIAN COAST 8 Days - 7 Nights Available
    760 €